valeria g.

photography is to me like a diary in which i write with the light.
live,dream and travel.
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The fall on Flickr.

autumn 2014 



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summer 2014

thanks to francescopaolocatalano

A while ago on march 2014 I’ve been to the concert of my one and only idol @pharrell. Today I’m in amsterdam and he is here as well…. I don’t have any money for the ticket because I just moved here… but my mind,my heart and my soul are there. #pharrellwilliams #pharrell #love #iamother #bae #girls

My new home -amsterdam


Collection of the Four Aces Film/Television Set Location in Palmdale, California. See the whole set at my Flickr


Curvy Identity - Camp to Botero (CtB)

Identity is a cube by Francesco Paolo Catalano, 2013

model : me 

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